Why I do NOT recommend drinking Essential Oils

Essential oils

Just scroll through your social media accounts and your almost guaranteed to see someone spruiking the health benefits of adding essential oils to your daily routine.

Most commonly adding 2-3 drops of Essential Oil (Lemon) to a glass of water.


I have even seen people licking the bottle and dropping the oil directly into their mouths.

Just viewing this makes my insides tense and I instantly break out with a gag reflex.





Taking essential oils internally is actually very dangerous. People have been admitted to hospital for extreme esophagus burns, nausea, internal bleeding and acute poisoning.


Here is a little tried and true research story from yours truly.


long story short

Before I had a drinking water filter installed in my house. I use to lug all the empty glass bottles I could find and fill them up at my mum and dad’s house who had an awesome filtration system set up.

One day I couldn’t find a lid to suit one of the bottles, so I grabbed a glass bottle stopper from mum’s drawer. The type that goes into half filled wine bottles and went about my merry way – Thanks mum

Unbeknown to me the glass bottle stopper had been sitting in a box full of essential oils and one of the oils had leaked everywhere. The plastic cork trim on the bottle stopper had absorbed all of this.

What would happen next after drinking this bottle of water I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy.

Do you remember that scene from the movie Van Wilder with the laxatives?


well yep- lets say i couldn’t walk properly for 2 days afterwards.


What is the moral of this story?

Essential oils are not to be messed with especially internally.


Oil and water don’t mix

If you have tried this you will notice that the oil slowly rises to the top of the water. This is because the molecules of water are completely different to the non-polar molecules of oil.

Hence the saying – Oil and water don’t mix.


So are essential oils safe to cook with?

The food industry has been using essential oils as part of their flavourings process for years.

According to Aromatherapy expert Robert Tisserand, the key to using Essential oils in cooking are to make sure there is some form of fat in the recipe for even absorption. IE butter, ghee, coconut eggs etc

When using essential oils in a cake recipe the ratio for adding drops usually is 1-2 drops max. This is for an entire cake!!! not a glass of water!!!


So what about diffusing essential oils?

Essential oils are fantastic and are of the greatest benefits when they are used in an olfactory sense i.e -inhaled and smelt.

Diffusing essential oils is actually really beneficial for reducing anxiety, stress and uplifting your mood.


The use of diluted essential oils on the skin or in the bath are a great way to relax, reduce inflammation and to smell nice with out the use of synthetic perfumes.


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