Winter Rescue Remedy Essential Oil 15ml Certified Organic


Winter Rescue Remedy Essential Oil 15ml

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Winter Rescue Remedy Essential Oil 15ml

“The natural way to Protect yourself against cold and flu “

The War on cold and Flu has begun. Arm yourself with this Winter Rescue Remedy to defend yourself against the dreaded sniffles.

A few drops of this Certified Organic power packed blend will help ease the symptoms of that pesky annoying cold.

A combination of Eucalyptus, Lavender and Tea Tree Oil will help alleviate that feeling of congestion.

Not only can you use this blend in your diffuser (see compatible diffusers here) You can also add a few drops to a Hot relaxing bath or even add a few drops to some coconut oil and apply direct to your chest like those store bought chest rubs.

The Eucalyptus helps to clear stuffed sinuses and alleviate congestion helping you breathe and leaving you with a comfortable good nights sleep. The Lavender helps to nurture and promote relaxation also helping you sleep and the Tea Tree Oil acts as a natural anti-bacterial to ward off those germs.

They say the best offense is a good defense and the Winter Rescue Remedy blend will be your number 1 weapon in the fight this winter and all year round.

Ingredients: (All 100% Certified Organic oils)

• Eucalyptus Oil

• Lavender Oil

• Tea Tree Oil


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