I’m a Toxic Girl & I Live in Toxic World

Ever noticed no matter how hard you exercise and eat cleanly, Like so clean (I’m talking Victoria’s Secret models meal plans). You just struggle to budge those last few kilos?  Well this is me plus + some extra wobbly bits.

Growing up I was always the chubster kid. Mum always cooked super healthy meals we rarely had takeaways, I played lots of sports, tennis, netball walked 20 mins to and from school every day, but for some reason I was just blessed to store my fat like a hibernating bear in the winter.

Fast forward to now and I know that weight gain can be a contributor of a number of things. Such as hormonal imbalances, high stress levels, not catching enough Z’s and most importantly our environment.

My Environment up until recently was heavily involved around plastics. My family ran a Manufacturing company where we would manufacture all sorts of products made from all sorts of plastics. I would be breathing that S**t in on the daily. In fact I have been around this environment basically since I was in Utero. Just a twinkle in my dads eyes, pointed in my mums direction.

Here is the deets on plastics. Soft plastics the ones that bend and flex, like water bottles, food containers, vinyl flooring, shower curtains, children’s toys etc contain whats called Phthalates. (Pronounced THAL-ates) Phthalates are used to give plastic flexibility and transparency.

Phthalates are ERRRRRYWHERE!!!!! Here is some examples where you will find them

  • Shampoos
  • Hairsprays
  • Nail Polish
  • Children’s toys
  • Furniture
  • Insect Repellent
  • Perfumes
  • Flooring
  • Blood IV bags
  • Clothing / Footwear
  • Air Fresheners (Try this instead)
  • What about that take away coffee you just ordered? Yep that lid you drank out from has phthalates.
  • Love that new car smell? well the soft plastics, dashboard, gear stick, they are all phthalates my friend.

Phthalates are a major contributor to the obesity epidemic. In fact the new term for such chemicals are called Obesegens. These obesegens (think plastic food containers) mimic the estrogen in your body, causing your hormones to self implode. Your liver has to work harder as the amount of estrogen in your body increases. This leads to extra abdominal weight and  for men they can say hello to Man Boobies.

Heres the scary part 95% of us have detectable phthalates in our urine. (source) Or for me more like 120%. Here is a report on my personal findings. This test was done through a naturopath as you can see my levels are sky high.


So how can we avoid these Phthalates?

Sadly Its true avoiding phthalates all together is basically impossible. But we can limit our Exposure, there is no need to become bubble boy just yet. Here are some steps you can take to avoid them.

  • If you are still using a shower curtain invest in glass. The hot steam from your shower creates vapors which you are  breathing in every time you shower.
  • Phthalates are in our drinking water. Drinking clean filtered water is essential. Never drink from a plastic water bottle that has been sitting in your hot car!! When the bottle heats up the Phthalates leach into your water.
  • Ditch the plastic, Switch to Glass. Start using refillable glass drinking bottles. Store your leftover din dins in glass containers.
  • Change your beauty products. Especially Perfume. If the ingredients list on your perfume bottle lists the word Parfum or Fragrance Bin that shiz quick smart as it most certainly contains phthalates. Manufacturing companies generally wont list Phthalates on the back of an ingredients list, instead they are usually disguised under the terms parfum and fragrance. The term Fragrance can cover their @ss up to 1,000 ingredients. Look for perfumes that are purely scented with organic essential oils or specifically say NO synthetic fragrances added.
  • Change your Washing-up liquid and Washing powder. Again do the ingredients say parfum or Fragrance? Try these instead (kin kin +soap-nuts)
  • Renovating your house? Avoid Vinyl flooring or plastic looking floorboards, opt for Natural flooring such as sustainable woods, bamboo flooring etc

Majority of health bloggers seem to come from a corporate background, as you can see mine is polar opposites. I am always looking for ways to improve my health I am currently undertaking a major detoxification plan to rid my body of these excess estrogen’s and phthalates. I want you to know that while running my online store Everything Coconut & More was a necessity for me it is also my passion. I love being able to Source the best products available without all the crap ingredients so we can all live as cleanly as possible.

Until Next time.


Have you rid your home of plastics? Id love to hear from you.


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