Endometriosis The Silent Disease

I have a confession………………….

This is me. It has taken me ages to get the courage to upload a photo of myself to the website. I have always hated photos. I am extra critical of the way I look. I feared that by showing the real me I wasn’t representing my brand properly. But you know what that all changes today I’m gonna eat a spoonful of concrete and harden the f**k up.



No I’m not your typical health blogger.

No I don’t spring out of bed at 4:30 in the morning meditate, write affirmations in my journal all whilst watching the sun rise. In fact some days it takes a real concerted effort just to drag myself out of bed.

You see I have been blessed with one of the many “Silent Diseases” plaguing our environment. Mine just happens to be endometriosis.

Endometriosis is a disease affecting tens of millions of women worldwide. The term endometriosis or endo for short means that some of our body cells are growing in the wrong place, much like weeds in a garden. Instead of staying inside the womb lining these cells or (little bastards) spill out into other parts of the body. Kinda like an out of control party when your parents are away.

How the Media show Period Pain


Accurate Portrayal of Period Pain



If you are lucky enough to have been blessed with endo you will know the struggles, the ups & downs, the immense stomach pains, the nausea, the bloating, the cramping, the horrid agonising period pains, the painful cysts on your ovaries, struggling just to sit, struggling to tie your shoes, pain with urination the list goes on.

Over the years I have seen numerous doctors, gynecologists, pain management specialists. I have been admitted to hospital to have a laparoscopy, I have had multiple blood tests, internal scans (hellooo), ultrasounds, acupuncture, saliva tests, been prescribed strong medications, The Pill, Hormone Creams you name it Ive tried it.

This pain all started back when I was around 15 years old. I remember being told by the doctor that the pain I was experiencing was all perfectly normal, just a normal teenage girl going through the journey that is Womanhood. I call Bulls**t on this one!!

When I turned 27  I decided enough was enough and decided too look beyond conventional medicine. I took matters into my own hands, I researched the internet, read books, changed my diet added certain supplements and began seeking naturopathic care. I started seeing some improvements, I wasn’t getting ovarian cysts each and every month and my cycle become relatively regular (30-34) days compared to my existing (45-65) day cycle.

Fast forward I am now aged 34, I still suffer from debilitating period pain, ovulation pain and regular bloating
(endo-belly). I am certainly not symptom free, But I am positive if I had not cleaned up my lifestyle I would definitely be a hell of a lot worse than I am today!!

Here is some of the Steps I took to reduce the symptoms of Endometriosis:

  • Avoiding Dairy/Wheat/Gluten
  • Avoid Packaged foods (Usually contain additives, preservatives and synthetic flavours which our body doesn’t recognise)
  • Began Naturopathic & Chiropractic care
  • Quitting the pill
  • Regular Massage (Helps to rid the body of waste products and excess estrogen which is a major No-No for endo sufferers)
  • Increased Healthy Fats (Avocados/Walnuts/Omega 3 / Hemp Seeds)
  • Added More Fibre to my diet (Fibre absorbs degraded estrogen which helps to eliminate it from the body preventing them from stimulating more endo growth.
  • Reduced Sugar intake (OK I’m not saying I’m Sarah Wilson & I haven’t quit sugar completely I just use more natural alternatives instead of the harsh White refined devil products at the supermarket)
  • Regularly use Magnesium Spray (Learn more Here)
  • Drink good quality Filtered H20 Ensure its Fluoride and Chlorine Free. Fluoride and Chlorine actually kill all the good bacteria in your gut. Gut Health is super critical for endo sufferers.
  • Improved Gut Flora (fermented coconut yoghurts, sauerkraut, quality probiotics)
  • Cleaned up my Skin care and Beauty Products (Really read ingredients list on the back of your bottle, If you cant pronounce it throw it out). Here is my new favourite face moisturiser.

While I wish I could tell you I have found the cure for endometriosis, I have NOT, but by incorporating the above suggestions into your lifestyle you too may find some improvements.

Do you or anyone you know suffer from endometriosis? What do you do to help ease your symptoms?


Book – The Doctor will see you now- Tamer Seckin MD
Book– Endometriosis The Key to Healing through Nutrition by Dian Shepperson Mills

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