Hello Thanks for stopping by. This is me Kelly owner and Founder of Everything Coconut & More.

Yes, I LOVE coconuts…. I have a nice pair of Coconuts!! But more importantly I love being able to provide you with the cleanest and finest products, so you can live a Low Tox life for you and your family.

Every Item I stock On the Everything Coconut & More website has been carefully curated and researched. In fact, I meticulously hand pick each and every product based on its ingredients authenticity and morals. If I don’t use it personally I won’t Stock it.

All Products stocked are:

Gluten Free, Gmo Free and contain NO harsh ingredients, chemicals or Preservatives.

A Little Background info:

I struggle… I am real, I’m NOT perfect and no I don’t always have my S**T together.

However, my health is my number 1 priority, and I want to help make yours Number 1 too.

I can’t stand when people describe their life as a journey, but there is no other word for it in this scenario.

I am on a journey (cringe), I am working through health issues, I have worked in toxic environments, I have known toxic people but if you follow me on this journey Roller-coaster we call life together we can help lift each other and inspire others.

Everything Coconut is an online only store based in Adelaide / Australia. The website has been running since November 2015.

After discovering the amazing benefits of the humble coconut it was only fitting that I jumped at the chance to begin running  Everything Coconut & More.

I welcome you to the world of Coconuts and so much more.

Thanks for stopping by.