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Hello So glad you found us.

Do you Love Coconut as Much as we do?

Whilst we LOVE all things coconut,

we also LOVE to bring to you a huge array of healthy living products.

We want to help you live a clean optimised life without the toxic burden.

“Life is for living not reading the bloody ingredients list. Let us do that for you.”

You can be sure that all the products found here are safe, and that what you put on your skin and what you ingest do no harm. It’s vital to reduce exposure to chemicals and harmful ingredients in this toxic world we live in. Products without nasties are better for you, better for your family and better for the environment – and that’s exactly what you can expect here.


We can ease the burden and stressors in our body by using non-toxic, ‘clean’ products. It can also improve your mood, reduce headaches and prevent brain fog!

All our products are exclusively hand-picked by me. Kelly(Owner). After years of health issues, I decided to live a cleaner lifestyle and I’d had enough of always having to read and decipher ingredients on product labels from other so called “Natural stores”.


I lovingly went through all the ingredients lists to make sure the products DO NOT contain any harmful ingredients or preservatives. At Everything Coconut and More, we are against animal testing!

We hope you enjoy the coconut shopping experience and relish in the variety of chemical free, vegan and cruelty-free products.


Gluten Free Products

Only Stocking Cruelty-Free Items

No “Fake Naturals” Only The Real Deal


Primal and Optimal Living Products

Small Business based in Adelaide

We go beyond just health foods

I stumbled across your business in google and will now be very happy to order through your lovely small business again over any other
– Julia -SA

 I just want to say a big thank-you for the extra goodies you placed in my order – it was a lovely surprise
– Trish-VIC

Thanks so much for my extra goodies and for your prompt delivery. Awesome service

– Tonetta – SA

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